Your Pet Called

More Than 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

Our pets know so much more than we think they do. And with the help of an Animal Communicator, they can actually share their thoughts, feelings, wishes, and needs with their human companions.

Pets can communicate very effectively using a method Dr. Monica Diedrich calls "picture telepathy."

In her sixth book, Your Pet Called, you'll find an abundance of heartwarming true stories about some of the many pets she's talked with in recent years. Prepare to laugh as you discover some very spunky and endearing personalities, but also keep a box of tissues handy for reading about end-of-life events and how to cope with grief.

You'll enjoy reading about:

  • Pets who identified their own, or other's, health challenges
  • Pesky behavioral problems and how they were solved
  • How lost pets were found
  • Life missions of pets, and how very deeply they love us
  • The spiritual growth of pets who have passed on
  • Pets who choose to reincarnate

You'll also find a wealth of helpful information about:

  • How picture telepathy works
  • Preparing effectively for a consultation with an animal communicator
  • Communicating with pets after they've passed into Spirit
  • How you can learn to communicate with your own pets

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