Pets Have Feelings Too!

Your pets CAN feel

Learn that animals have feelings and they can communicate with you about their everyday needs.

Why did my cat stop using the litter box? Why does my dog chew up the rugs when I leave the house? Will my current pets accept a new addition to the family? How will I know when it's time to put my sick pet to sleep? Do animals have souls?
Join author and pet communicator Monica Diedrich on a fascinating journey into the hearts and minds of our beloved animal companions. She has helped thousands of clients understand their pet's needs, solve problem behaviors, and forge stronger bonds with animals based on love, compassion and respect.
These heartwarming stories will entertain, encourage, and even surprise you. Meet Ebony, the poodle who receives regular visits for the spirit world; Butch, the proud rottweiler who refuses to be called Joey; Tasha, the regla wolf-dog who explains her wild side and the limits of domestication; and PiƱon Tosca, the injured horse who longs to jump again.
Put yourself in their paws as you learn simple techniques for communicating with animals. Understand their perspective on pain, illness, and euthanasia, and learn a simple energy healing technique that can bring animals comfort in times of stress. This remarkable book will forever change the way you think about all creatures great and small.

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